Home Renovations


Looking for home renovations Brisbane northside? Aels Property Services, professional home renovation builders, provides affordable home renovation services in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Your home is where you can come to at the end of the day and simply be yourself. It is your comfort zone with family around you and just the fact that it is a part of you that no one can take away. Homes are often a reflection of the personalities of those living in it. Thus, renovating the exteriors & interiors of your house as per your needs and personality is important. The outdoors may be the brainchild of your partner, and you have taken over on how the interiors would look. Whatever it may be, it is something that talks about how you have come together to renovate the house.

There comes a time when you may have to bring about changes in the way your house looks. It is either dysfunctional, you need more space for an extended family, or you are bored on the way it looks. Home renovations address all of these. We at Aels Property Services help out with perfect services on home renovations in Brisbane Northside where your home is renovated the way you want it to be.


Along with home renovations in Brisbane north, we also provide various other types of renovations services like kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, house extensions, full house renovations etc. Here are some other types of house renovations services explained in detail.

A Complete Home Makeover

Here it concerns home renovations as a whole where every part of the house is touched upon, and there is a change brought to it. It could either be the structure of the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, outdoor area, attic, basement or even opting for house extensions in some cases. Being one of the best renovations builders in Brisbane North, the entire house receives a makeover while not many structural changes are brought about.

Kitchen Renovations Brisbane Northside

With our kitchen renovations services in Brisbane Northside, you can redesign your kitchen the way you need. Kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house where you get your daily dose of nutrition from foods that you prepare. It should be a place that is functional, accessible and free from contaminants. There are times when the sink area of a bathroom needs a change, especially when there are leaking pipes or constant clogging of the drains. The presence of pests and the growth of mildew and mould is something that needs attention too. All of these can be taken care of when your kitchen gets a renovation with interior home remodelling. In general, you intend to add value to the house, a remodelled kitchen can always boost up the value of the house especially when things are organised and easy to access in there.

Bathroom Renovations Brisbane Northside

Due to various unavoidable needs, your bathroom might need a renovation. No need to worry. We have got your back. With our affordable bathroom renovations services in Brisbane Northside, you can renovate your bathroom as per your needs. Whether there is a pest infestation under the flooring, the plumbing accessories are no longer functional, you intend to make your small bathroom look large and spacious or any other reason, a bathroom renovations Brisbane north is an answer. When you opt for bathroom renovations with help from one of the best home renovations companies in Brisbane North, things fall in place well where everything is taken care of by us, and we assure the best results.


It all starts from sitting over a discussion with how you want the house to look like. Right from planning on the designs to deciding on the accessories and raw material that needs to be purchased depending on your budget, everything is paid heed to. We bring along the best of home renovations builders from Brisbane North who have multiple years of experience and expertise and ensure that you have a home that is perfect after the renovations. The renovations of your house, kitchen or bathroom are completed within the stipulated time and that you have a house that you have always dreamt of.

House Extensions Brisbane Northside

You may want another floor on top of the existing house or probably an extension horizontally, we can help you with both. With our house extension services in Brisbane Northside, you can have more living space without having to compromise and adjust in a limited space.


For sure, renovations of the house comes with a certain cost, however, renovating your home can get you some good benefits against the cost of the renovation. Here are some benefits of renovating your house that you might be interested in.

There is Excitement

Despite the age, everyone gets excited to start living in a new and improved living space that is better than what it was in the past. When you have a renovated home, you tend to like the house more than before and want to come back to it at the soonest.

There is Increased Value

When it comes to adding value to the house, a renovated home can do it any day. When you compare the price of your home after a renovation to the rest, you are likely to watch it have a better and increased value. The reason being the addition of better designs and implementing modern ideas; things get to be better.

There is Customisation

The renovated home is something that is a result of customisation and choice. You have intended to bring about the change to the house, and that is why it has been renovated. The house reflects who you are and that is what makes it unique.


A house renovation that you have initiated is something that reflects the way you feel towards the safekeeping and upkeep of the house. That is where we assist you with the right ideas and an affordable home renovations quotation and ensure that you have a perfect house that you can call HOME. To know home renovations cost or quote, get in touch with our professional home renovation builders for a free consultation over the phone or fill out your house renovations requirement in our contact form to get a free quote instantly.