Looking for bathroom renovations Brisbane northside? Aels Property Services, a professional bathroom renovations company, provides the best bathroom renovations services in the northern suburbs of Brisbane at an affordable price. When it comes to small bathroom renovations Brisbane northside, it is either you have purchased a house, but you do not like the setup, or there is a grave need to change the existing appearance of the house. The latter can be due to two reasons – firstly, you are bored with the way your bathroom looks and secondly; it is no longer functional.

Whatever may be the reason, a bathroom renovation is a decision that has a lot of planning and thought behind it. When you finally decide on it, it is seen as an investment that you make for it to reap benefits in the years to come. You hire the best bathroom renovators who can help you with the best results, and that is how things come into being.

We at Aels Property Services intend to assist you with just the right type of bathroom renovations in Brisbane Northside where either it gets a complete makeover, or certain portions are repaired and rectified. It doesn’t matter how big or small bathroom renovations task is, we have the solution to all your problems.

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When we start work with you on the shower renovations or small bathroom renovations in Brisbane northside, we follow a certain methodology, and each step is important for you as well as us. Here is what we always follow and that comes around with the best results.


When you finally decide to hire us for small bathroom renovations in Brisbane north, we organise a meeting with you. Our team of expert bathroom renovators sit for a discussion where everything is spoken of. If you have ideas on how the bathroom would look, you may tell us. We will put in our technicalities to bring it to reality. If you have no clue about it, we can help you with bathroom renovations ideas, and if you like it, we will implement it well. We will also discuss the bathroom renovations cost in Brisbane Northside that you have set aside and accordingly plan things so that there is nothing extra that you need to spend.


Once things are decided, and the bathroom renovations ideas are finalised, we come up with an initial blueprint to give you an idea on how the bathroom will look. If it is a tile replacement or the need to remove the bath and place something new, we will do it all. If you need to make any changes, you can let us know, and we will ensure that things are perfect and in place.


While everything is decided and we get ready to start with work, we intend to receive the final approval from you and help you with budget bathroom renovations in Brisbane northside. Right from the type of raw material to be used, the colour of the wall paints, the accessories and fittings that would be required, we need your approval on it and that you receive the best services at the end of everything.


We believe in bringing the best to you and that is the reason why we have a team of trained professionals who come together to help out with the best bathroom renovations in Brisbane north. We start work at your bathroom and ensure that everything falls in place. Right from meeting deadlines to cleaning up once we are done, we do it all and ensure that you are pleased to own a house that is beautifully and effectively renovated. The renovations undertaken by us is a project that needs complete dedication, and that is the reason why we put in all that we have just to give you a perfect house.


  • We have been into the bathroom renovations business for years and know what it takes for a perfect bathroom renovation in Brisbane northside.
  • You get assistance from trained & professionals bathroom renovators who ensure that you have the best bathroom after the renovations.
  • We believe in customer satisfaction and only undertake tasks that you are satisfied with.
  • We follow the latest trends in bathroom renovations and use modern technology to come up with the best blueprints and bathroom renovations quote.
  • You receive good after-sales support services even after we are done with the small bathroom renovations. Any problem or glitch will be rightly handled by us.
  • We believe in quality over anything else, and so you are to receive a bathroom that has the perfect finish with perfect workmanship behind it.


Every bathroom renovations work is unique and thus requires a site visit and consultation. Depending on what the client wants for the bathroom renovations we come up with the list of things that will be required for proper bathroom renovations and the total man-hours that will be required. Once we have all the details required, we come up with a bathroom renovations quote. So, if you are also looking for bathroom renovations and want a quote for bathroom renovations in Brisbane northside, call us or fill out our contact us form for a free consultation.